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Past Life Psychic Readings

Call and speak with a live master psychic for an accurate past life psychic reading and find out about:

  • What you were in a past life
  • Healing unresolved emotions
  • Access abilities you had developed
  • Your soul’s purpose
  • And Much More!

Have you ever had a friend tell you this line, “You must have saved a country in your past life to be this lucky,” or something along those lines? Well, that is probably because your friend believes in the idea of past life or reincarnation. A belief that your soul transcends over a long period of time and gets reborn to a different body bring with it, all your past knowledge, feelings and experiences.

Ever wondered why there are some things you seem to be very good at even though you only tried it once? Probably a feeling of comfort or even anxiety towards a person you just met? All these things could be explained through past life readings. It’s a way of trying to get in touch with your past selves and to gain insight into a lifetime wherein you are a completely different person. Taking some time to look back on the lives you have taken to get to who you are now is such a rear gift and past life readers give you that chance. It also correlates the lives you have led to the life you are currently living, it gives you context on what and why you feel the way you do. It could also explain fears and phobias you may have that was brought upon by a trauma in the past, knowing this could and would lead to healing – spiritually and emotionally.

What Can A Past Life Reading Do For Me?

Even Christiane Northrup, M.D. wrote an article about the benefits of having your past life read, she specified that past life readings are for everyone to try and experience. She further explains how we are not a black slate to start with, that this body may be new but the soul has been here for such a long time that we should learn from our soul, this energetic charge continues to affect us to this day and lifetime. Knowing these could be used to heal any issues associated with love, family, mental and emotional health. Through opening yourself up to this kind of experience, you can achieve greater heights of happiness and contentment.

Other professionals, like Kimberly Stewart who is an international psychic, tarot and past life reader from Auckland, also highly encourage everyone to look through their past lives as it could show us the soul connections between us and other people in our lives. It is enlightening to understand the origins of your past and to compare some traits you may have or may not have with your self.

Past Life Astrology Medium Reading

Finding a past life reader or professional is not as hard as you may think, they are also very accessible. There are a lot of sites that offer a list of past life readers that can be contacted via phone or chat and there is an option to schedule it to your liking. You can find their basic information and their specializations as well as other clients they helped. It pays to read through those details to find the right one for you. There are also those that have their own website with a lot more information about them and articles they have written that shows their passion and mastery of the craft. Most of the time past life readings are done via phone and it is highly recommended that you do it via phone.
Phone past life readings are not your run in the mill psychic readings, so here are some of the things you need to expect:

1. Prepare to pay

Much like any service, these professionals need to be compensated. You need to understand that they put in a lot of effort to show you what your past lives have been, it takes a lot of spiritual energy and mental concentration. Remember that this is not a face to face reading but it’s a phone which makes it a lot harder for the psychics.

2. Manage your expectations

Most people think, they are famous people from their past life or even think they are royalties. The reality is, there are only a handful of people that have those kinds of past life. Keep your mind open and know that you are still as important as any of us, what matters is how you lived your life.

3. Have a goal
What do you want to achieve from this phone sessions? Express that to your psychic for better results. Both of you will have to work towards that goal through every phone sessions.

3. Structure and timelines will not be linear

Reading your past lives will not start from your first past life and move through the recent life you have led. They will most likely jump from different lives depending on what you what to see and what issues you would want to tackle first.

4. Your issues will not go away in one go

As much as past life reading is in itself a great achievement in trying to work through many issues in life, it is not the cure, you should see it as a step towards recovery and a better understanding of oneself. You will need to schedule more phone sessions to get there.

Past Life Regression Psychic Reading VS Psychic Reading

It is also important to note that phone past life readings are very different from psychic readings. Past life readers are carefully guiding you through your past memories, making sure you could make sense of the past memory to your present life. Basically, these professionals don’t just tell you all the information and leave you to understand them on your own. They take their time to make sure you actively participate on getting to know your past self.

Even with phone past life sessions, you will need to enter a meditative state to invoke your own memories. This is usually with the help of hypnosis or other methods like it. This is to ensure that you could tap the memories of your past lives residing on your unconscious mind.


Here are some people that could attest to past life readings’ effectiveness:

I was a little skeptical about this, to be honest, I do not feel that I was really hypnotized over the phone, because I was not seeing anything as most people say. But, I kept in mind, that the feelings that come up in the session are really more important than seeing a lot of images.

I am so happy to say that my fear of losing my husband, which was the reason I did this, has diminished. I am not as fearful as I was before the session. This past weekend my husband got stuck in traffic for 14 hours due to bad weather and for once, I was calm and not distracted by catastrophic thoughts of losing him, which I would have felt in the past. I feel a great weight has been lifted from my chest, and I feel peace within me.

A.M., Virginia

My phone sessions with you was one of the best memories of my present life, it’s the most enlightening experiences I’ve had. I can’t thank you enough for helping me make sense of my childhood. It was difficult to face that, it was terrifying but you help you every step of the way and for that, you have my unending thanks. I feel at peace about it now.

R.C. , North Carolina

Your very thorough past life reading really relates to my current life patterns. I have a better sense of where some of my issues are rooted from. I appreciate all the time you invested in helping me. I also appreciate your professionalism and style. You were very compassionate and sensitive to my issues. You even offered various options that I could pursue to transform my life. I am most grateful for your help.

E.C., Ohio