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Dream Interpretation Psychic Readings

Call and speak with a live master psychic for an accurate dream interpretation reading about your:

  • Missing teeth or dreaming of losing teeth
  • Flying or falling dreams
  • Being exposed or nude dreams
  • Death or dying dreams
  • And More!

It is a fact that an average person has three to five dreams per night, though some also say it could be up to seven dreams per night. However, most of us do not remember these dreams as they are immediately or quickly forgotten. A topic of debate between scientific, philosophical and religious sects throughout history is what purpose do dreams have?

One of the founding fathers of dream interpretation in the 20th century, Sigmund Freud said that dreams could provide a direct connection to our unconscious selves. Usually, events that happen in our dreams could be interpreted as buried memories, emotions and ideas that we may not be aware of and are not willing to face in our consciousness.

That is how dream interpretation was introduced to people. It was the attempt to figure out and analyze the reasons behind our dreams. In the olden times, dreaming was thought about as a supernatural communication or divine intervention, and only those with spiritual powers could interpret its meaning.

How does a dream interpretation psychic reading work?

Dreams involve your ideas, feelings, epiphanies, something you really want, your fears, messages from beyond, foreboding premonitions, sometimes even sexual desires, frustrations or enjoyment.

A skilled psychic will be able to explain your dreams and help you gain an understanding of your life and your higher-self. With an accurate analysis of your dreams, the psychic reader should be able to help you: reduce your stress, face your deepest and darkest fears, give clarity to situations that are puzzling you, it also helps you accept your hidden needs, sometimes it even provides comfort during difficult moments in your life, or even bring forth creative ideas, understand and solve past problems. Some great psychic can also deduce some messages from the beyond, or provide you with important information about things to come in the future.

Types of dream interpretation readings

Before getting a psychic reading, you need to understand some of the themes and/or types of dream interpretation.

  • Missing teeth or dreaming of losing teeth dreams

    • This dream usually means that you have fear of losing something very important to you. Or a feeling that you are in poor health.
  • Flying or falling dreams

    • This dream means you are worried about your security or you feel that you are losing control of your life. If this happens to be in your dream, it would greatly help if you remember if you can control the flight or the fall or do you feel like someone is controlling you or perhaps, someone pushed you to fall.
  • Being exposed or nude dreams

    • This dream could mean you are feeling vulnerable or ashamed of a certain situation. With this kind of dream, it is noteworthy to remember if it was in front of a crowd, a particular person or were you alone? You should also try to remember what the reaction was towards your nudity.
  • Death or dying dreams

    • Do not fret, this kind of dream is not necessarily a negative one. Though this is one of the hardest dreams to understand or comprehend as most of the time, it is very emotional for the dreamer. This symbolizes change, if you were the one dying, that could mean that you feel like you are losing yourself. If it’s a living loved one, that could mean your relationship with that person is changing and if it’s the death of a person who is already dead, then that could mean their spirit is visiting you from the beyond and is telling you something important.

How doI prepare for dream interpretation readings?

Before calling for a psychic dream interpretation reading, there are things to you need to prepare for so you and your psychic reader can better understand your dreams.

  • Keep a diary of your dreams
  • Try to identify how you feel during the dream
  • Take note of recurring dreams
  • Your instincts towards your dreams matter

Keeping a diary of your dreams helps a lot with dream interpretation, as most of the time, people do not remember everything about their dreams. The best practice is to make sure that you have your diary or journal with you when you sleep and once you wake up from that dream, take notes of what you can remember from that dream. Do not forget that your intuition matters when it comes to your dreams, as it is a way for your unconscious mind to talk to you.

What do my dreams mean?

Try to remember that everyone dreams differently. Sometimes your dreams are so vivid it almost feels like you are currently living it and sometimes, dreams could be so fast that you can only remember certain moments within it. That is why journaling is the best possible way to remember your dreams. Most often than not, dreams are affected by your mood, hence you have to take that into consideration when seeking psychic dream interpretation phone readings. A lot of people also believe that dreams are premonitions or foreboding of things to come. It is a well-known idea that dreams that are actually premonitions are the most vivid of all your dreams and that these dreams tend to repeat itself a lot, if not daily.

Interpreting dreams is not rocket science – it takes some time and a really skilled psychic reader to help you analyze your dreams and help you make sense of how that correlates into your present life. So better seeking a psychic phone reading, make sure to take note of these important details.

Who are dream interpretation readings for?

Clearly, dream interpretation psychic phone readings are for everyone. But mostly, for people who want to understand what their dreams mean – what their unconscious mind is trying to tell them. Just like what Psychic Melissa from California Psychics said, that when people are ready to integrate the learnings from their psychic readings do most people make the call.

It was a very amazing experience! I have not felt anything like it. I usually dream of myself flying and I never really knew what that meant until I called. I finally understood that it was my subconscious mind telling me to follow my dreams of becoming a lawyer. Now, I’m in my first year of law school and I have to say that it is the best decision of my life!

Catherine, Washington D.C.

I am very happy with my dream interpretation reading! She really took that time to analyze my dreams and helped me make sense of it all. I’m not regretting making the call!

Kimmy, Chesterton MD

I have never really understood why I was dreaming about my dog of 10 years, dying on me. To be honest, it scared me a lot as I am very fond of him and when it really happened a few days after that dream, and it took me a while to make sense of that and calling really helped me cope with the loss.

Erika, Seneca Falls, NY