Phone Tarot Reading

Call and speak with a live master psychic for an accurate Tarot Card reading about your:

  • Relationships
  • Career Guidance
  • Finance and Money
  • Life Decisions
  • And Much More!

Tarot card readings are helpful especially when you have serious questions about the deepest aspects of your life. They reveal your concealed thoughts and feelings that are not easily evident.

Now, it has been made easier because tarot readings can already be made via phone. Without leaving where you are, a phone tarot reading psychic is able to answer your most important questions about your:

  • relationships
  • career
  • decisions
  • and much more

Who Are Tarot Card Readings For

Tarot telephone psychic reading is for anyone who has specific concerns about their lives that they are looking for answers for.

  • Do you want to know where your path is going?
  • Are you looking for answers or some sort of guidance?

A tarot card reading may be all you need from the best psychics. A tarot card reading will connect you to more than 500 years of different human experiences by means of cards.

How A Tarot Card Reading Works

For phone tarot card readings, the cards will be shuffled and dealt in a specific arrangement that is called the “Tarot arrangement”. The orientation and placing of cards in the spread will give you an approach into your past, present and future.

The Major Arcana

Typically for tarot decks, they have 72 cards in which 22 of these are classified to be the “Major Arcana”. The Major Arcana represents the major events or significant changes that will have a long-term effect in your life. In some cases, only the Major Arcana is being used to give deeper insights.

The Minor Arcana

So after the 22 cards were spread, 56 are remaining which is called the Minor Arcana. They represent things that affect your day-to-day life. There are actually four suits in Minor Arcana namely the Pentacles suit that relates to things in the physical world, the Wands which concern the spiritual world, the Cups suit that is mainly focused on relationships and emotions, and the Sword which goes for conflict and strife. In each suit are 14 cards, a King, Queen, Knight, and a Page as well as number cards from 1 through 10.

Types Of Tarot Card Readings

Three Card Spread

The Three Card Spread, one of the most powerful tarot spreads in the easiest and fastest way to get answers to any questions you may have in your life.

True Love Spread – love tarot reading

The Love Spread is of no doubt that it is on the list since most of the people are excited to know where their love lives are going, what will happen to their relationships and how they will feel about it. Through the love spread, you will be able to evaluate yourself and your connections physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Successs Spread

The Success Spread is perfect for those who are experiencing obstacles and do not know how to deal with it. It helps you understand the nature of your obstacle, what must be done, and how you will be able to overcome that obstacle.

Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross Spread is used in most complicated situations. It has already been used for ages, which has made to be reliable until today.

Spiritual Guidance Spread

The Spiritual Guidance Spread is used in times when one is faced with obstacles or times that concern his or her spiritual growth and development.

Career Path Spread

The Career Path Spread is for employees who do not feel good with their current career in life and the likes.

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First I really don’t believe this kind of stuff and I’m thinking that all they want is the money and they can say whatever they want to say. One time I was faced with situations where I need to make big decisions in my life. I was in a huge mess and I do not know what to do. As my friend told me, a tried to book a session with a tarot card reader even when at the back of my mind I know it’s not going to work. But after the session, I was in great surprise that everything she said was relevant. She has given me real points and from then on, I changed my perspective about tarot reading.
Robert Clarkson

I would book an hour session twice a year where we will look at my business’s landscape and ask specific questions with it. The tarot reading has given me so much information that I was able to use with my business. I carefully write every information that comes out of her mouth as well as the practical nuggets of wisdom.
Caroline Frenette

Intuitive Business Coach

After a tarot reading session, I walked away speechless and full of awe, still can’t believe how she can be able to give such accurate points in a consistent manner. It’s definitely mind blowing! It was thorough but quick at the same time. I can’t imagine and describe the skills she has to her craft. She was so professional with a generous spirit and strong personality that’s perfect for tarot card reading. And because of this, many have come to know her including me.
Victoria Prozan